Valentine’s Day: One World, One Love

This is your golden ticket to the February 14th, One World, One Love Event. 

Location: Wherever you are. Admission: An open heart. 

This Valentine’s Day, show the world you care – watch the One World, One Heart Beating video, then post a link to it on your Facebook and other social network pages, and encourage others to do the same. 

 Buy the song. a little something to the cause and Spread the Love.

Schools – On February 14th, screen the YouTube video and stage some awesome heart-opening activities for students of all ages. (If you are unable to access YouTube at your school, you can easily download the video at home for later viewing by using this safe free tool. Download MP4 (720 p) is the recommended setting for full screen viewing on a Mac or a PC.) 

After the video, why not plan a whole school activity like Mix-it Up at Lunch Day, where kids take a new seat in the cafeteria or the classroom to help build an inclusive and welcoming school community?  Stay in the Mix for Valentine’s Day and Breaking Down the Walls of Intolerance are two other great choices for a fun and conscious whole school Valentine’s Day celebration. (I would add a little twist to the 2nd activity, and have students give homemade Valentines to the person whose brick they take down from the wall.)

Teachers – Let the love linger, and explore and expand upon the themes of tolerance, unity, bullying awarenessand making a difference with the excellent resources and lesson plans here.

Kids – post your Valentine’s Love Messages to the World in the comments section of your page, Kids’ Corner. Vote for the message you like the best.  Winners will receive a free download of One World, One Heart Beating (the song) and will be posted on our Facebook page!

Parents, make this Valentine’s Day count and help your children learn about helping others. Check out Save the Children’s very cool Valentine’s Day cards, created by kids to help impoverished kids in the US.


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