Four Languages, Three Continents, One World…

One World, One Heart Beating is an anthem to global unity sung and played – and with a video created – entirely by children.   It is an invitation to kids and grownups all over to act and live with tolerance, harmony, and hope.

Here’s the story of how this visionary project came to be….

Once upon a time (on February 14th, 2011, to be exact), musicians Oona McOuat, Jose Sanchez, and James Mujuru were invited to travel from rural Salt Spring Island, Canada, to perform at HIFA, one of the largest music festivals in Africa.

Photos by Kmax

Every time Oona closed her eyes and saw herself in Africa she could feel herself surrounded by singing children, and soon the idea for One World, One Heart Beating was born.  Through a mix of dogged determination, grace, and the generosity of fans, the $18,000 needed to realize the project, and a fiscal partner – Artists Against Racism – appeared, and the trio set off on a heart-opening journey to Zimbabwe.

One hot, windy day in May 2011, about 100 children from the rural district of Seke travelled along dirt paths and through tall grasses to come and sing the song. 

One World One Heart Beating, Children Zimbabwe

Photo by Jose Sanchez

A few days later, James and Oona met with the Canadian International Development Agency about financing an organic market garden for these kids and their families.  A substantial grant was awarded, greatly increasing the community’s prosperity and food security.  Like stone soup, already the gifts given by the first donors to One World, One Heart Beating had been multiplied.

Oona McOuat, www.oonamcouat.com, Zimbabwe, children, Masango, Seke, One World, One Heart Beating

Photo by Jose Sanchez

But this was just the beginning …  Over the summer and fall, Jose and Oona got busy in the studio, and children from France, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico and Canada added their voices (singing in English, German, Spanish and French) and instruments (bass, drums, guitar, piano, violins and harp) to the mix. Soon they had a song and video that stretched across the planet like a patchwork quilt, enveloping it in caring.

Oona McOUat, www.oonamcouat.com, Kids, Peace, music, One World, One Heart Beating, Zimbabwe, Salt Spring Island

Photos by Jose Sanchez

And now, you are invited to become a part of this inspirational story and join the One World, One Heart Beating movement. Help spread the word by sharing this site with teachers, encouraging local schools to participate and by buying, posting and sharing the video and song.  

Teachers :  Let the video be a starting place to explore issues like bullying awareness, tolerance, making a difference, and creating community  in the classroom with these Lesson Plans

Kids: Visit the Kids’ Corner and use your iPod, iPad, cell phone, web cam or camera to put your own messages and songs of world unity on YouTube. Post your links in the Comments section here and vote for the posted link you like the best. Winners will receive a free download of One World, One Heart Beating (the song) and will be posted on our Facebook page!   

Adults:  Explore integrating simple centering activities like the Heart Breath into your daily routine and rediscover aspects of your own childlike sense of sweetness and conviction. 

Everybody: In our heart of hearts, we know what really matters.  Click here to share your inspirational stories of what you are doing to make life on our planet just and beautiful for all.

And the whole world lived happily ever after….

The Beginning!

One World, One Heart Beating, Salt Spring, Children

Photo by Jose Sanchez

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