Love is a Verb

The world contains the earth and the earth is full of beauty.

Creating a just and loving world is easier than we think. It begins with connecting with the magnanimous and awe-inspiring natural world around us….


Photo by Leigh Hilbert

… and by appreciating the simple blessings of each day – breath, body, light, moon, dreams…. It begins with opening our hearts. (Explore some techniques for doing this here.)

Our own well-being is intrinsically linked to the well-being of the world around us, and cultivating joy is key to making the world a better place. But we cannot be so obsessed with our own happiness that we forget that we are one.

Photo by Leigh Hilbert

Spontaneous hugs, random acts of kindness, tender and truthful words, voluntary simplicity, and conscious, grassroots community action – these are the kinds of things that are healing us as a people and a planet.

Motivate and move me. Inspire them. Help us believe in the power and the possibility that exist within our minds, our hearts, and our hands. Share the story of how you are making a difference, in the Comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Love is a Verb

  1. I just learned about this inspiring organization based in Texas – Infinite Love. From soup kitchens to weekly meditation gatherings, they offer emotional, spiritual, and resource-based support to help, heal, and uplift their community.

  2. Primarily my life here in the beautiful northern highlands of Nicaragua (in Central America), consists of walking with pregnant mothers who come from rural communities and are with us in the Casa Materna shortly before giving birth in our regional hospital. They come to be with us because of the high-risk nature of their pregnancy and some travel as many as 10 hours by foot and public transportation to reach the city.
    My work of “accompaniment” also extends to the Nicaraguan staff who so lovingly attend the mothers 24/7. As I am a liaison(a bridge) with Friends of the Casa Materna based in Michigan, the other part of my life consists of “giving thanks” to those who support us spiritually and financially, beginning, of course, with our Mother-Father God.
    Accompaniment and gratitude – “walking with” and “giving thanks” – guess that pretty much sums up the key aspects of my life and work. As a way of sharing this, I also write.

    I feel so deeply blessed to be connected with all of you who form One World, One Heart Beating.


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