Bullying Awareness ~ Lesson Plans

Putting an end to bullying means infusing relationships to self and others with compassion, empowerment, and love.  These lessons (arranged from lowest to highest grade levels) address bullying behaviours, while demonstrating non-violent ways of resolving conflict.

(Click on these links for Lesson Plans on Teaching Tolerance, Making a Differenceand Creating Community.)

Sticks and Stones
Grades: K through 8
Subjects: Social Studies, Health
Duration: One session
Materials: One light grey piece of paper crinkled into a “stone” per student, pencils, 1 sheet posterboard and marker

Breaking down The Walls of Intolerance (Lunch Day Mixer)
Grades: 1 through 12
Subjects: Social Studies, Health
Duration: One session
Materials: Black bulletin board paper, red construction paper (enough to make 1 “brick“ per student), markers, scissors, stapler

Peaceful  Communities for All 
Grades: Pre- K through 2
Subject: Language Arts
Duration: See lesson plan
Materials: See lesson plan

Let the Hot Air out of Bullies
Grades: 3 through 5
Subjects: Reading and Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Health, ESL
Duration: One session
Materials: Balloons (at least one per student), markers and tape

Cooperative Comics
Grades: 3 through 12
Subjects: Reading and Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts, ESL
Duration: Two or three sessions
Materials: Paper and pencils

  • This simple cooperative group activity allows students to identify confrontational issues within their own school and then imagine solutions. 
  • Cooperative Comics lesson plan

Practice Peace
Grades: 6 through 8
Subjects: Social Studies, Language Arts, and Philanthropy with cross-curriculum extensions
Duration: One 45-minute session and 191 minutes to screen Ghandi if available, more sessions if cross-curriculum activities are chosen.
Materials: Ghandi DVD, elastic cording, cut in 6” to 7” pieces, construction paper, bag of assorted alphabet beads.

  • Students will compare and contrast the philosophies and work of Martin Luther King and Gandhi. They will make peace bracelets as they reflect on and determine actions they can take to promote peace and non-violence in their community.
  • Practice Peace lesson plan

Anti-Bullying Role Play
Grades: 6-12
Subjects: Social Studies, Health
Duration: One or two sessions
Materials: A two-sided stick mask. One side should have a simple happy face and the other a sad face.

Justice and Kindness Play a Part
Grades: 8 and 9
Subjects: Social Studies, Language Arts, Library/Technology and Philanthropy
Duration: One 55-minute session plus extension activities
Materials: Copy of story For No Reason at All, attachments and handouts (at link below) Optional: Journals, multiple copies of one day’s local newspaper and video The Invisible Children

  • Prior to this lesson, use the Blue Sky Activity in which students envision a better world. If you already have a Blue Sky display revisit it before beginning this lesson.
  • The purpose of this lesson is to reflect on, and discuss examples of injustice and cruelty and raise students’ awareness of the importance of advocating for justice and kindness. The learners explore ways they can play a role in bringing about a positive change in their school, community and world.
  • Justice and Kindness Play a Part lesson plan

Keep the Peace
Grades: 9 through 12
Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies
Duration: Five mini lessons of about 20 minutes each
Materials: 4 x 6 Index cards, one for each student

  • This resource offers “mini-lessons” for preparing for conflict, dealing with anger, and creating communities of harmony in the classroom.  They can be done one at a time or put together for a longer lesson. These simple, brief lessons (Telling our Stories, Know the Causes, What’s My Part, Identifying and Practicing Non-Violent Interventions, and more) could be done by a whole school at the same time of day. There are suggestions for longer, more in-depth versions of these lessons if you would like to go further.
  • Keep the Peace lesson plan

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